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Although he is called the "Boss", he is not Pretties a book by scott westerfield essay charge of the Smoke Actually, no one is ; however, he is in charge of the library. Cable gives her a hoverboard and all the needed supplies to survive in the wild, along with a heart locket that contains a tracking device.

When she wakes up, Special Circumstances has already destroyed Smoke. These teenagers are appropriately called "Pretties" and get to do whatever they want and party all day without consequences; they can even continue to get free "surge"— more surgical enhancements, including ridiculous things like tiny gems embedded into the iris to function as a clock, or tattoos that swirl in response to heartbeat.

In Karma Club, the monetary system is run on good deeds, so bad people simply don't exist, and if they do, they're either brainwashed or they're Card Carrying Villains who are sick of goodness and peace.

Uglies Critical Essays

Anarres in The Dispossessed also appears to be an example of this at first glance, but as we progress through the plot we learn that, while it is better in many ways than either of the dominant powers on Urras, it is still pretty damn flawed, and becoming worse.

Oh yes, and did we mention the key also functions as a contraceptive? Quetzalia in James Morrow's Wine of Violence where all violent impulses are literally sucked out of people's heads and thrown into a river of liquid hate.

Stirling's The Draka stories portray The Domination as a Villain Suetopiawhere history just seems to repeatedly break in favor of the Draka in defiance of all logic.

Shay teaches Tally how to hoverboard and more about the outside world and the Rusties. Redwall and Salamondastron obviously qualify, but then again so does any society or group made of "goodbeasts," ie mice, otters, hares and so on. Recently, though, other events have started to pull Wakanda away from this sort of depiction beyond what Priest has done.

The world is "perfect", but a few people feel they should be in charge and that society has never given them the credit they deserve.

Plot[ edit ] The book begins with Tally, the main protagonist, as a Pretty debating what to wear to a bash. Thanks to its isolationist history, it also has very poor diplomatic and economic links with the rest of the world, which means that it's largely incapable of exerting its will beyond its borders.

For this reason, Tally decides to remain behind. After taking the pills Zane starts getting bad headaches, but he seems to be more cured than Tally.

Then came Avengers vs. Frank Baum envisioned the Land of Oz as a perfect society with no economy under a benevolent dictatorship. They meet while Tally is fleeing from New Pretty City.

They harbor no resentment for anyone, regardless of reason. And T'Challa did say that the council is to be selected from the populace. Janus contrasts this with his own planet Segatum, which is overpopulated, technology-dependent and has no natural spaces left.

She is clever and loves tricks. Peris and Fausto arrive, showing off their costumes for the party and talking about the vote that is to take place that night, inducting Tally into the clique, the Crims. When a few women are imprisoned for attacking their would-be rapists, including the wardens of prisons for women, they've had enough and turn rebel.

This ugly tells Tally that he has a package for her, but he leaves it hidden, forcing her to work to find it. Williamson's Freehold is a libertarian-pagan free market paradise in stark contrast with the UN-dominated politically correct Earth which is portrayed as, well, Hell-on-Earth.

Meanwhile, the vermin are Always Chaotic Evilwith only a handful of Subversions. It takes Tally several weeks to make her way to the Rusty Ruins where she meets up with David. When she calls, she sees someone coming down on a hover board and is shocked to find that it is David who has come to take her to the New Smoke.

Mary Suetopia

They are all morally upstanding, all beautiful, all skilled. Zane and Tally soon get to decide to escape the city with a few other Crims.

The Knife of Never Letting Go

There is also a significant population of Neanderthals who find their society oppressive for whatever reason and choose to go off the grid. Women bearing sons traditionally wait five years to conceive again, one year if it's a daughter, because daughters don't always want to go to war.Pretties is a science fiction novel and the second book of the Uglies Trilogy written by Scott Westerfeld.

It is set in a future dystopian world in which everyone is turned "Pretty" by extreme cosmetic surgery upon reaching age Author: Scott Westerfeld. Pretties by Scott Westerfeld is the second book in the Uglies series. In this novel, Tally is now a pretty living in New Pretty Town.

While attending a party, she is approached by an ugly whom she vaguely recalls from her time in the Smoke. May 05,  · Todd Hewitt is the only boy in a town of men. Ever since the settlers were infected with the Noise germ, Todd can hear everything the men think, and they hear everything he thinks.

Note that there is no reason to assume that it isn't possible to create a better society.

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Thus, some of these utopias might actually work. However, the distinctive characteristic of a Mary Suetopia is that it goes beyond just being a perfect society - it's a perfect society filled with perfect people, who show enthusiastic support for the author's society's ideology.

Scott Westerfeld is the author of the Leviathan series, the first book of which was the winner of the Locus Award for Best Young Adult Fiction.

Pretties study guide contains a biography of Scott Westerfeld, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. About Pretties (The Uglies) Pretties (The Uglies) Summary.

Pretties a book by scott westerfield essay
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